I love making zines! I sell them on my Etsy shop Nico and Maude as well as on Amazon in ebook format.

I have four zines out at the moment.

Resistance for Introverts

resistance front

I try to be more of an activist, but I also suffer from multiple anxiety disorders. I made this little zine in the hopes of helping out other people who are in the same boat.

Available on Etsy: Resistance for Introverts



I turned my resume into a zine, because I had no reason not to do so.

Available on Etsy: Resume

Robbie Queers It Up


A little collection of ten poems about high school and coming out and whatnot.

Etsy: Not available just now

Amazon: Robbie Queers It Up

Loudly Dancing


A mini-memoir about life with avoidant personality disorder and associated adventures in the mental healthcare industry.

Etsy: Not available just now

Amazon: Loudly Dancing