New Story: “I see the moon and the moon sees me”

Bridge Eight is an awesome literary journal that has recently switched to an online format. Today they posted a story that I wrote (and, to be honest, that I like a lot): I see the moon and the moon sees me.

Fun facts about this story:

  • The title is taken from an old children’s rhyme. I Googled it while writing the first draft to make sure it wasn’t copyrighted or anything. Turns out it goes back to the 17th century, if I’m remembering right.
  • It’s a work of fiction, but I did start writing it after spending a little time in a mental hospital. Remember yesterday when I said I was thinking about moving on from writing about mental illness all the time? “I see the moon” may be my last story in that vein, at least for a little while.
  • Topics that were on my mind while I was writing this: mind/body duality; trying to get comfortable with the realities of being a living creature; nature and the universe; Pagan-ish thoughts about oneness.

Anyway, I’m very happy that this story is up. Go read it if you want!

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