I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo, a special session of National Novel Writing Month with more relaxed rules. I wasn’t planning to do it this year, but then I discovered they changed the settings. Instead of aiming for a certain word count, you can make a certain number of lines, pages, hours, or minutes your … More Camp

Zine Shop Restocked!

It took months, for some reason, but I finally made it to the copy shop and re-printed two of my zines: “Loudly Dancing” and “Robbie Queers It Up.” My Etsy shop is now carrying these titles once again! Links Loudly Dancing (a collection of autobiographical mico-essays about avoidant personality disorder and adventures in mental healthcare) Robbie … More Zine Shop Restocked!


I returned from a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland a few days ago. I fully intend to make a zine about the experience, but first I need to sort through the trip and try to figure out some kind of narrative arc. I guess I could just slap together some photos and anecdotes, but I’d prefer … More Edinburgh

A Writer (For Real)

Like a lot of people who enjoy writing, I experience a certain amount of angst about whether or not I’ve earned the right to go around telling people, “I’m a writer.” I try to write daily. I’ve had pieces I wrote posted in online journals. I finished a damn novella the other day, but is … More A Writer (For Real)

I Wrote a Novella!

Or at least a rough draft of one. According to Google Docs, I created this project on September 7, 2014, just shy of two years ago. It’s about 27,000 words, meaning I wrote about 2,250 words per month. Clearly I am not a fast writer, but I kept plugging along. It’s called “The Wide, Mad … More I Wrote a Novella!